Central monitoring station receivers selection

Digital monitoring receiver may be:

PCI computer card, 2 lines

standalone receiver, 2 lines

multiline rack receiver, 4-6 lines

Made in by MCDI. Select from different models below


Exprecium D

Exprecium D
Weight: kg
Exprecium receiver

Exprecium 3, 2 line digital central station receiver. Recognizes 20 different alarm panel protocols. PCI bus. Multiple cards could be used in the same PC to increase number of incoming lines. 

Exprecium Dr

Weight: kg
Exprecium3R RoHS version

Exprecium 3
RoHS compliant

Keeping with a tradition of innovation, MCDI Security Products brings you the first and only RoHS compliant receivers in the world!

This new version of Exprecium is made specifically for Europe and Japan to meet the restriction on hazardous substance RoHS directive i.e. this environmental friendly version is made specifically without Lead (PB).

E3 also includes a filter specially designed to meet JATE specifications for Japan telephony.

New programming included for compatibility with Extrium family 2 way voice features and frequency response section redesigned!

RoHS compliant model now includes TTnew format from Tunstall. Our output format let's you handle TTnew with regular Monitoring sofware such as SAMM,WinSAMM and SECURITHORCDI, Alarm receivers, PCB ALARM RECEIVERS, monitoring station

Decrypta 4

Decrypta 4
Weight: kg
Decrypta4 2 line digital receiver

This totally new design now shipping. Replacing legenday D3, the new D4 picks up D3 features plus new ones.

A new design with a graphic LCD let's you see all key status at a glance. Eexpanded events memory to 4095 events with fast scroll on front display. Individual receiving configuration for both lines, ETSI and Bellcore caller ID. Configurable handshake sequence and fast answer mode.

Two outputs (USB+Serial), two power inputs with automatic roll-over for more than one week autonomy on battery*, configuration by front display or by connected PC. Relay port on backplate. Outputs to POS printer of EPSON TM-88 family or to supplied windows logger supplied. Compatible with MCDI'S STM** Mobile web viewer to view events on iPhone or Android phone

2 way audio handling for Tunstall TTnew, Contact ID, SIA and Pulse alarm formats with programable time out.

Receives more than 20 alarm formats to cover most panels on the market. Reports to most Monitoring software in the market.

Comprehensive displays allows set-up from front display in Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Italian, Português, and Russian. PC Configuration tool adds Arabic and Farsi

Decryptya 4R

Decrypta 4R
Weight: kg
Decrypta4 digital receiver RoHS version
Same as above but RoHS compliant version

Decrypta 5

Decrypta 5
Weight: kg
Decrypta5 6 lines digital receiver

Newly added: Web based configuration now available for D5. Emailing of internal messages and Daily status report to 4 addresses now integrated in D5.

MCDI is coming back to high volume solution: Decrypta 5. Real space saver yet power house: 6 lines in just one rack-mount height (1.75 inches). Based on the Extrium cpu, this alarm receivers comes equipped with dual power source management as well as internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. D5 reports over IP, serial and USB outputs. Remote configuration over web in French, English, Russian and Spanish.

Best design you can get in an rackmount: fan-less design for reliability and drawer design for easy access to components without tools.

Decrypta 5R

Decrypta 5R
Weight: kg
Decrypta5R 6 lines digital receiver
Same as above but RoHS compliant


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