Best CCTV camera enclosures

Stainless Steel housings 

Made from AISI316L stainless steel
AC = Air Cooled
LC = Liquid Cooled
IR = IR / thermal
WW = Window Wiper

Over 700 quality CCTV products are waiting for you!


Regular CCTV camera enclosures

Series Stainless Steel housings made from AISI316L material.


Cooled CCTV camera enclosures

Series Stainless Steel housings made from AISI316L material.


Thermal-IR CCTV enclosures

Series Stainless Steel housings made from AISI316L material.

ATEX - Explosionproof CCTV camera enclosures

ATEX - Explosionproof CCTV SS enclosures.

NEW and exciting! High temperature cameras for: ovens, burners, smelters, furnaces, power stations, rolling mills, to 2200 C - 4000 F!

Burner camera

Furnace cameras with active cooling 

Up to 2200 deg. C - 4000 deg. F. See main page with all solutions.

ACQUA 400 air and water cooled CCTV


Stainless steel cameras with active water and air cooling that can work continuously up to 400 C

Vision 1800

Vision 1800 cameras with active cooling

Ready to go HD IP cameras that work up to 1800 deg. C - 3700 deg. F

Vision 2200 cooled CCTV camera system

Vision 2200 cameras with active cooling

Selection of many HD IP cameras that can work up to 2200 deg. C - 4000 F

Pre-packaged cameras, fixed and PTZ camera stations

Safe area fixed camera stations

Pre-packaged ready to go camera + lens + enclosure + window wiper.

Safe area PTZ camera stations

Plug and play Stainless Steel PTZ camera stations for every application.

ATEX - hazardous area fixed camera stations

Ready to go ATEX solution with high performance camera + enclosure.

ATEX - hazardous area PTZ camera stations

Ultimate ATEX solution with complete Stainless Steel PTZ package.

IR illuminators - mounts - cable tails 

IR illuminators

Stainless Steel IR illuminators for demanding applications.


All Stainless Steel heavy duty camera enclosure mounts.

Cable tails

Pre-fabricated cable tails in various lengths for variety of enclosures.


Accessories, wipers, spare parts, maintenance kits, extra tubing.

Specialty items - Cameras - Pan Tilt - Washers

Tunnel CCTV Camera Enclosure

Stainless steel (electropolished AISI316L) camera housing with sunshield ...

High Performance CCTV Cameras

Looking for the perfect camera for your stainless steel enclosure? We might have more than few options ...

Pan Tilt for CCTV Camera 

Heavy Duty Pat Tilt units for every application. A reliable Pan & Tilt unit is a key feature ...

Washer Tanks for CCTV Camera Enclosures

Washer tanks to complement enclosures equipped with window wipers.

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